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Sean Sharon & Cruz at Iris Lodge Alpacas

Welcome to Iris Lodge Alpacas. 


We started Iris Lodge as normal farm more than nine years ago with two alpacas, Lucas and Bobby (seen above after shearing) who still reside on the farm and are in separable. At one time we had more than 180 alpacas. During this time we have learnt a lot about alpacas and the personalities of the ones living on our farm.


Iris Lodge Alpacas farm experiences commenced in January 2020 as a way of sharing our passion for alpacas with others who enjoy spending time with these beautiful animals. We started the farm with just two alpacas and have developed it as a tourist attraction with 80+ alpacas, 9 llamas, plus sheep, cows and horses. The purpose of promoting our farm experience is not only to give people an opportunity to get up close and personal with alpacas, sheep and cows, but also to explain how we have developed the farm, including what we have done to protect the environment, such as protecting the water catchment through the planting of 13,000 trees to attract swift parrots to the farm. As a result of this water catchment protection, Iris Lodge Alpacas have been able to provide a home for hundreds of birds including hawks, eagles, pelicans, black swans, corellas, kookaburras, parrots and a variety of finches and meat birds. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Iris Lodge Alpacas

Sharon & Sean Hooper

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