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Sean Sharon & Cruz at Iris Lodge Alpacas

Welcome to Iris Lodge Alpacas: A Haven of Alpaca Delights

Discover the Beauty of Alpaca Life at Iris Lodge

At Iris Lodge Alpacas, our journey began over nine years ago with a simple dream and two charming alpacas named Lucas and Bobby (pictured above after shearing). These inseparable companions still grace our farm, bearing witness to our evolution from a modest farm to a thriving haven for alpaca enthusiasts. With a history that once housed more than 180 alpacas, we've nurtured a deep understanding of alpacas and their individual personalities.

Embarking on a Farm Experience:

In January 2020, Iris Lodge Alpacas proudly opened its doors to offer farm experiences that share our profound alpaca passion. From humble beginnings of two alpacas, we've cultivated a unique tourist attraction boasting 100+ alpacas, 9 llamas, along with a lively community of sheep, cows, and horses. Our mission extends beyond simply allowing you to get up close and personal with these graceful creatures. We're eager to unveil the story of our farm's growth, environmental commitment, and the conservation efforts that make our space a thriving ecosystem.

A Sanctuary for Nature:

Our dedication to the environment and its inhabitants is woven into every facet of Iris Lodge Alpacas:

  • Green Energy Champions: Embracing sustainable practices, we harness the power of solar energy to fuel our endeavors.

  • Harvesting Rainwater: Rainwater becomes a valuable resource, collected and stored for household use, while river water nourishes our gardens, animals, and pastures.

  • Eco-Friendly Waste Management: Our commitment to a greener world is evident in our on-site liquid waste processing. Household refuse and recycling are the only items leaving our property.

  • Protecting Water Catchment: With the planting of 13,000 trees, we've diligently safeguarded our water catchment, providing a nurturing home for swift parrots and a symphony of avian life.

Your Journey Awaits:

Beyond our verdant paddocks, Iris Lodge Alpacas is a sanctuary of ecological consciousness and boundless alpaca wonders. We eagerly await your visit, where you'll step into a world where passion meets conservation, and where every hoofbeat tells a story.

Warm Regards,

Sharon & Sean Hooper

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