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Our maremma

Meet Lola: The Dedicated Italian Sheep Dog Guardian

Lola - Your Trusted Defender

Lola isn't just a dog; she's a devoted Italian sheep dog, bred with a noble purpose – safeguarding sheep from the formidable threat of wolves. Her heritage is steeped in the centuries-old tradition of protecting these gentle creatures from harm.

Maremmas: Guardians of Australian Pastures

In Australia, Maremmas like Lola have found a new calling. They're not only skilled protectors of sheep but also valiant defenders of chickens and penguins against the cunning strategies of foxes and dogs. This exceptional adaptability has earned them a prominent place on Australian farms.

A Star-Studded Legacy: The Oddball Connection

The tales of Maremmas' bravery reached the silver screen with the movie "Oddball." This heartwarming film shed light on the incredible feats of these dogs in the pursuit of protection and companionship.

Lola's Vigilance in Action

Witness Lola's dedication in action through these captivating photos. Whether standing sentinel amidst the sprawling pasture or sharing quiet moments with our cherished wiltipoll sheep, Lola's vigilant presence radiates a sense of security.

Discover Lola at Iris Lodge Alpacas

At Iris Lodge Alpacas, we're honored to have Lola as an integral part of our team. Her unwavering commitment to guarding our wiltipoll sheep adds a touch of natural harmony to our vibrant landscape.

A Living Legend: Embrace the Experience

Visit us and be part of the legacy that Lola carries forward. Explore the enchanting world of Iris Lodge Alpacas, where tradition, dedication, and the spirit of protection come together in perfect harmony.

Lola our maremma at Iris Lodge Alpacas
Lola watching our sheep Breakfast with alpacas at Iris Lodge Alpacas
Lola guarding at Iris Lodge Alpacas
Is it knock off time yet? at Iris Lodge Alpacas
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