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Iris Lodge Alpacas is conveniently located just west of the M1 motorway on the Central Coast between the Tuggerah and Sparks Road interchanges


Enhance Your Itinerary with En-Route Experiences

Elevate Your Journey Between Sydney and Hunter Valley/Port Stephens or Explore the Central Coast

Are you a tour operator seeking to infuse a touch of enchantment into your travel itineraries? Look no further than Iris Lodge Alpacas. We invite you to seamlessly integrate our captivating farm experiences into your tours, whether it's a journey between Sydney and Hunter Valley/Port Stephens or an exploration of the Central Coast.

Elevate Every Moment:

Imagine offering your clients a unique stop en-route that transforms a mere journey into an unforgettable adventure. As they step into the tranquil oasis of Iris Lodge Alpacas, they'll be greeted by the endearing presence of alpacas, llamas, sheep, and more. It's an opportunity to pause, engage with nature, and create cherished memories along the way.

Central Coast Magic Awaits:

For those venturing through the Central Coast, our farm stands ready to enrich your tour with its boundless beauty. Delight your travelers with the chance to immerse themselves in the idyllic landscapes, interact with our gentle creatures, and partake in an experience that resonates with the heart of the region.

Customized Experiences, Seamless Planning:

We understand the unique needs of tour operators, and we're here to tailor our offerings to seamlessly align with your itineraries. From flexible timings to personalized interactions, our team is dedicated to curating experiences that exceed expectations.

Let's Collaborate:

We invite you to connect with us and explore the endless possibilities of weaving Iris Lodge Alpacas into your tours. Contact us today to discuss options, availability, and bookings. Together, we'll craft journeys that linger in the memories of your travelers.

Charlie and the girls_edited.jpg
Charlie and the girls_edited.jpg

Experience suggestions

You could include an

alpaca meet & greet (1 hour), add an optional morning tea or

alpaca farm visit ( 1hr 30 minutes in your itinerary)

We are open weekdays and weekends  for group visits

Accessible and seniors Tours: Inclusive Experiences for All

Discover Inclusivity and Sensory Delights

At Iris Lodge Alpacas, we're proud to extend our warmest welcome to everyone, regardless of ability. Our commitment to inclusivity has led us to create accessible farm experiences that touch the hearts of all who visit. We're privileged to collaborate with numerous NDIS providers, crafting sensory-rich encounters that leave lasting imprints of joy and wonder.

Our Dedication to Inclusivity:

Thanks to our enhanced facilities, we now offer a range of accessible farm experiences that cater to diverse needs. In the spirit of inclusion, we invite individuals of all abilities to join us and partake in the magic of our sanctuary. Whether it's the gentle nuzzle of an alpaca, the rustling of leaves underfoot, or the warmth of a shared connection, we believe that nature's beauty is meant to be experienced by all.

Creating Lasting Memories:

 We take pride in providing sensory-rich encounters that transcend the boundaries of a single visit. Each interaction, each moment of connection, is carefully designed to create treasured memories that endure.

Discover More:

For a comprehensive understanding of our accessibility offerings, we invite you to explore the dedicated section in our "About" page. There, you'll find detailed information about the measures we've taken to ensure that everyone feels valued and embraced during their time with us.

Plan Your Accessible Adventure:

To embark on an accessible tour that will touch your senses and heart, please reach out to Sharon at 0467950470. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in planning an experience that transcends barriers and brings the beauty of our farm to all.

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