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Pram and Stroller Access
Lots of families visit iris Lodge Alpacas with strollers and prams, and most do not have a problem.
Big wheel prams are recommended. Small wheeled prams can get around, but it can be a bumpy ride in some areas.

Lots of people have visited Iris Lodge with walkers and do not have a problem.

Disability Service Groups
We have lots of groups from various disability services who bring their clients to visit the animals at Iris Lodge Alpacas.
We always recommend letting us know the types of disabilities your clients might have so that we know who may require a little extra attention. We can then assist you where necessary during your visit.

Wheelchairs / mobility scooters
People in wheelchairs / mobility scooters have visited iris Lodge Alpacas, and most do not have a problem.
Please note there is no access to the top deck where breakfast is served and there is a step up to the bottom sitting area.

Accessible toilet
We do not have a wheelchair accessible toilet/restroom.

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