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Sponsor an alpaca

The perfect gift for the animal lover or hard to buy for.

Do you adore alpacas, or know someone who does? Sponsor an alpaca at Iris Lodge today! When you adopt an alpaca you help us with our conservation programmes.


Alpacas in some ways are quite low maintenance animals, but in other ways are not!

  • They require space  and well maintained paddocks.

  • They require feed - paddocks sown with something they can eat plus twice daily hard feeding to keep them healthy.

  • They require health care - annual sharing, toe nail clipping, vet checks, worming, vaccinations, vitamins.


Fun facts about alpacas

  • Once a year our alpacas get the most amazing haircut. Alpacas are quite slim under their huge woolly coats.


  • Alpaca fleece is hugely sought after. It get spun into a yarn and people use it for knitting as its very warm and very soft.


  • Baby alpacas are called ‘cria’ (pronounced cree-ah).


  • Alpacas always poo in the same spot, as do rhino!


  • Do alpacas spit? They can do yes, it’s to warn people or predators away, or to tell a male alpaca they’re not interested in his advances!


  • There are no wild alpacas – the alpaca is the domesticated version of the vicuña!

What you get for your sponsorship fee:

  • To sponsor an alpaca for a whole year from your sponsorship date.

  • A certificate for you to put up somewhere so others can see how awesome you are.

  • A photograph of your sponsored alpaca.

  • The details of your sponsored alpaca - their name, and their story.

  • An adult Meet & Greet voucher for you to come and visit to meet and feed the alpacas.

  • The awesome feeling of knowing you have helped give a beautiful animal the best care it can have (and us the means to continue to do it).

  • An alpaca in your life that will be well cared for.

From $99.00 you can sponsor one of our alpacas

The fine print:

Your sponsorship certificate, photograph and the animal details will be sent out to you within 3 working days of your sponsorship payment, and the digital information emailed to you at this time. If the alpaca sponsorship is a gift we can send out this information on a specific date (7 days notice would be appreciated or contact us to see if we can make it work).

Animals can be sponsored by more than one person throughout the year. Your sponsorship is not exclusive. Alpacas are true herd animals and very social creatures. They like having more than one friend.

Your sponsorship lasts for 12 months from the date of sponsorship payment.

In the event that your sponsored alpaca becomes ill or passes away your sponsorship will immediately transfer to another animal.

The sponsored animal remains the property of Sean & Sharon Hooper and Iris Lodge Alpacas, and will remain at Iris Lodge.


Sponsorship does NOT give the sponsor ownership rights of any kind or at any time.

Alpaca sponsorship does not give you authorisation to remove an animal from our property or our care.


Alpaca sponsorship does not permit you unauthorised access to our property or animals and trespassers will be prosecuted.

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