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Accessible activities for visitors to enjoy

The Central Coast region in New South Wales, Australia, offers a range of accessible activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Visit Iris Lodge Alpacas: Iris Lodge Alpacas is popular with families and couples. Here you can up close and personal witheir 83 alpacas who are very friendly. The farm has accessible pathways, seating, shelters and accessible amenities. This is truly a friendly and inclusive place to visit.

  2. Visit The Entrance: The Entrance is a popular coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere. It has accessible pathways along the waterfront, a wheelchair-accessible playground, and accessible picnic areas.

  3. Explore Bouddi National Park: Bouddi National Park offers accessible walking trails, picnic areas, and lookout points with stunning views of the coastline. The park also has accessible amenities and parking options.

  4. Enjoy Tuggerah Lake: Tuggerah Lake is a large coastal lake perfect for fishing, boating, and kayaking. Several accessible fishing spots and jetties are available, and some boat ramps have wheelchair access.

  5. Visit the Australian Reptile Park: The Australian Reptile Park, located in Somersby, is a wildlife sanctuary that houses a wide variety of reptiles, mammals, and other native animals. The park has accessible pathways and facilities, including wheelchair-accessible shows and presentations.

  6. Explore Norah Head Lighthouse: Norah Head Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Norah Head. While the lighthouse tower itself may not be accessible, the surrounding grounds, picnic areas, and nearby beaches offer accessible features.

  7. Discover Wyong Milk Factory: The Wyong Milk Factory is a historic site turned shopping village and entertainment hub. It features accessible pathways, shops, cafes, and a children's playground.

  8. Relax at Ettalong Beach: Ettalong Beach is a popular destination known for its calm waters and family-friendly atmosphere. It offers accessible beach access points, accessible public toilets, and nearby accessible cafes and restaurants.

Remember to check specific venues and attractions for their accessibility features and accommodations, as accessibility may vary.

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