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Experience Unforgettable Moments at Iris Lodge Alpacas: Your Premier Alpaca Farm in Central Coast NSW

At Iris Lodge Alpacas, we offer a unique and unforgettable experience on our charming alpaca farm, nestled in the heart of Central Coast, NSW. Whether you're looking for an educational farm tour, a family-friendly day out, or a serene getaway, our alpaca farm promises an enriching adventure with our friendly and adorable alpacas.

  • Interactive Alpaca Tours: Experience the joy of getting up close and personal whilst you hand feed them. You'll  learn about these fascinating creatures in a fun, guided tour.

  • Family-Friendly Activities: Our farm offers a variety of activities suitable for all ages, making it the perfect destination for family outings and school excursions.

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Proudly certified and recognized for our commitment to preserving nature's beauty.We are committed to sustainable farming and eco-friendly practices, ensuring a responsible and green experience for all our visitors.


Visit Iris Lodge Alpacas in Central Coast, NSW, for a day of alpaca fun, relaxation, and memorable moments. Book your tour or farm stay today and discover why we're the premier alpaca farm in New South Wales.


Explore Our Experiences:

🦙 Breakfast with alpacas: Indulge in a sensory-rich journey, from feeding alpacas to savoring a delightful breakfast amidst their company.

🦙 Brunch with alpacas: Coming in spring.

🐑 Alpaca meet & greets: Immerse yourself in the charm of alpacas as you enjoy an interactive encounter like no other.

🐑 Alpaca farm visits: Embrace the tranquil charm of the afternoon as you embark on a guided alpaca farm visit.

🧺 Luxe Boho Picnic with Llamas: Elevate your experience with a luxurious boho picnic, surrounded by the serene presence of our gentle llamas.

👪 School Group Tours: Ignite curiosity and learning in students of all ages through engaging farm adventures.

From Families to School and Vacation Care Groups to Bus Tours  - Everyone's Invited!

Experience the joy of connecting with our gentle residents. Families, couples, seniors, people with special needs and tour groups - our farm welcomes everyone with open arms. Whether you're seeking an unforgettable day out or an enriching educational tour, Iris Lodge Alpacas promises moments that linger.

Discover the Extraordinary:

📸 Capture Memories: Pose with alpacas, llamas, and more - perfect for creating picture-perfect memories.

🌳 Eco-Friendly Haven: Immerse yourself in a sustainable haven. We have been Ecotourism certified since July 2021.

🎓 Educational Enrichment: Our tours go beyond fun, providing insights into animal care, conservation, and more.

Plan Your Visit:

Book your extraordinary experience today! Whether you're seeking a serene escape or an educational adventure, Iris Lodge Alpacas offers a unique blend of nature, learning, and unforgettable moments.

📍 Visit Us: 33 Dunks Lane Jilliby NSW 2259

📞 Contact Us: Call Sharon at 0467 950 470 to start your alpaca adventure.

Discover the Alpaca Magic:

Step into a world of wonder and connection. Unveil the enchantment of Iris Lodge Alpacas, where each visit becomes a cherished chapter in your story.

Ecotourism Certified since July 2021
Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Breakfast with alpacas

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Alpaca meet & greet

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

School visits

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Full farm visit

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Private functions & group tours

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Shearing the alpacas

Our Alpaca Farm Experiences

Boho picnics with llamas

Iris Lodge Alpacas welcomes Dr Harry

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Media coverage

Iris Lodge Alpacas has been featured on

Better Homes and Gardens

Sydney Weekender

NBN News

Channel 7 Sunrise. Have a look at the videos of Sam Mac visiting us.

Channel 9 - Location Lifestyle Living

Channel 10 - Studio 10. See videos below.

Destination NSW Central Coast marketing feature

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