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Welcome to Iris Lodge Alpacas

Come and meet our 60+ alpacas and llamas

The video below was produced by Destination NSW 

Please see attached video by Thitinan Pin and Kim Wong

Come see our crias (baby alpacas). (Look under the tab more then crias)

Breakfast with alpacas Saturdays, Sundays & public holidays at 8:30am. 

During school holidays we are also open during the week.

Afternoon alpaca experiences

Afternoon tea with alpacas (available for groups of 30+. Please call to book)

Farm stays

Featured on Channel 7 Sunrise. Have a look at the videos of Sam Mac visiting us.

Also featured on NBN's Location Lifestyle Living

We accept the NSW Dine & Discover vouchers for the afternoon farm visit

Gift vouchers available. 


Farm experiences

If you're looking for things to do in the Central Coast this weekend.


Visit our farm and get up close and personal with our alpacas.

Iris Lodge Alpacas is a working farm on the Central Coast where you meet our 60+ alpacas, 42 wiltipoll sheep, horses and cows and our working dog Lola a maremma.


When you arrive at our farm you'll be greeted by Billy, the very special guard alpaca who will demand to be fed a banana upon entering the farm! Along with Billy, they have 14 other alpacas who will meet you including cria (baby alpacas) and Ellie May, the hand raised wiltipoll sheep whose Billy's best friend.

We walk up past the horses to meet Benny and his gang - the flock of wiltipoll sheep who love being fed their grain and carrots. Here you'll have the chance to hand-feed the sheep and learn about what makes wiltipolls different to other sheep and meet Lola the maremma who guards the sheep. From here you'll head down to cows & calves and hand-feed them. Then we get up close and personal with the 60 alpacas to hand feed them.


Once the alpacas are full you'll head back up to the deck with a group of alpacas and guests enjoy a leisurely with the alpacas in front of them.


Iris Lodge also runs an afternoon farm visit which is similar to the breakfast except that they don't provide an afternoon tea for guests.

Enclosed shoes are recommended for this experience.


Breakfast with Alpacas

$50 (plus booking fee)

The alpaca farm experience on the Central Coast appeals to people of all ages.

You'll meet Billy our very special guard alpaca who will want to fed a banana before he will let you on the farm. Next you'll meet Ellie a wiltipoll sheep who is Billy's best friend. Take time to meet Billy and Ellie and get some photos. Ellie enjoys a good deep tissue massage

Please bring some bananas for Billy, Joey and Cruz and sliced carrots for other alpacas

Next its time to meet and feed Coby and Andy our horses who enjoy apples and carrots

Walking up past the horses we meet Benny and the gang our flock of wiltipoll sheep. They are keen for their grain and carrots. Here you'll have the chance to hand feed the sheep and learn about what makes wiltipolls different to other sheep. You'll also meet Lola our maremma who guards the sheep 

From here it's off to our herd of 60 alpacas where you will the opportunity to hand feed them their alpaca mix and carrots. We spend time meeting the alpacas, interacting with them and learning their personalities.

When the alpacas are full its time to round them up and bring them to where we have breakfast

Its' now time for our breakfast watching the alpacas

Enclosed shoes are recommended 

This is a 2.5 hour experience commencing at 8:30am

Shearing time

For those that have attended an event and are interested in seeing alpacas being shorn


Shearing this year has been postponed to 24 November  2020. Contact us if you would like to attend

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