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Discover Wildlife Adventures: Safari Tours at Iris Lodge Alpacas

Welcome to Iris Lodge Alpacas, your ultimate destination for wildlife safari tours in the stunning landscapes of the Central Coast hinterland. Join us for an unforgettable journey aboard our six-seater golf cart as we explore the wonders of our sanctuary, including our charming baby doll sheep.

Experience the Safari: Our safari tours offer an immersive and exciting way to encounter the diverse wildlife at Iris Lodge Alpacas. Climb aboard our spacious six-seater golf cart and let our experienced guides take you on a captivating adventure through our picturesque farm.

Highlights of the Safari: During your safari tour, you'll:

  1. Encounter Adorable Baby Doll Sheep: Meet our delightful baby doll sheep, known for their gentle nature and adorable appearance. Get up close to these fluffy friends as they graze and frolic in the lush pastures of our sanctuary.

  2. Spot Fascinating Wildlife: From our resident alpacas and llamas to wiltipoll sheep and other farm animals, you'll have the opportunity to observe and learn about a diverse range of wildlife species during your safari tour.

  3. Capture Unforgettable Moments: Don't forget to bring your camera or smartphone to capture stunning photos of the breathtaking scenery and adorable animals you encounter during your safari adventure. Cherish these memories for years to come!

Perfect for small groups who want to be escorted around our farm in a cart.

Booking Information: Our safari tours are suitable for families, and groups of up to 5. To book your safari tour contact us directly. Details are below. Available mid week. Bookings are essential.

What to Bring: Prepare for your safari adventure by bringing along the following items:

  • Camera or smartphone for capturing photos

  • Sunscreen and hat to protect yourself from the sun

  • Comfortable walking shoes for exploring our sanctuary

  • Binoculars for wildlife viewing (optional)

  • Water bottle to stay hydrated during your tour

  • Sense of adventure and appreciation for nature's beauty!

Join Us Today: Ready to embark on an exciting safari adventure at Iris Lodge Alpacas? Book your tour now and immerse yourself in the wonders of wildlife and nature. Our knowledgeable guides are eager to share their passion for conservation and animal welfare with you.

Price: $500 for this 1.5 hours guided experience.

Contact Us: For more information or to book your safari tour, please contact: Sharon Hooper


Phone: +61 467 950 470

Follow Us: Stay connected with us on social media for the latest updates, photos, and news about our safari tours and wildlife encounters:

Instagram: @irislodgealpacas

Facebook: Iris Lodge Alpacas

Experience the thrill of wildlife encounters and scenic beauty on a safari tour at Iris Lodge Alpacas. Book your adventure today!

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