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A Day at Iris Lodge Alpacas: The Adventures of Billy the Alpaca and Ellie-May the Sheep

Nestled in the rolling hills of Jilliby, Iris Lodge Alpacas was a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. The farm was home to a delightful mix of animals, but none were as beloved as Billy the Alpaca and Ellie-May the Sheep. Their friendship was the heart and soul of the farm, bringing joy to visitors and other animals alike.

Billy, with his soft, white-colored fleece and bright, curious eyes, was the unofficial ambassador of the farm. Ellie-May, a petite and spirited Wiltipoll sheep with a woolly white coat and a pink nose, was known for her playful antics and kind heart.

One sunny morning, the farm buzzed with excitement. It was the day of the annual “Alpaca and Friends Day,” an event that drew families from miles around to enjoy the company of the farm's residents. Billy and Ellie-May were especially excited because they had been chosen to lead the grand tour.

“Today’s the day, Ellie-May!” Billy exclaimed, his voice full of enthusiasm. “We have to make sure everything is perfect.”

Ellie-May nodded eagerly. “Let’s start with the breakfast area. We need to make sure the picnic tables are set up and the treats are ready.”

As they trotted over to the breakfast area, they saw the farmers setting out baskets of fresh fruit, pastries, and bowls of grain. Billy nudged a basket with his nose. “Looks delicious! The visitors are going to love having breakfast with us.”

Ellie-May beamed. “And don’t forget, we need to show them the new baby alpacas. They’re so cute!”

Soon, the farm gates opened, and families began streaming in, their faces lighting up at the sight of the friendly animals. Billy and Ellie-May greeted everyone with warmth, leading them to the breakfast area where children giggled and parents snapped photos.

After breakfast, it was time for the grand tour. Billy took the lead, guiding the visitors to the paddocks where the alpacas grazed. “This is where we spend most of our day,” he explained. “We love to graze on the fresh grass and bask in the sunshine.”

Ellie-May chimed in, “And over here, we have our sheep friends. We love playing together in the afternoons.”

As they moved through the farm, the children’s laughter echoed in the air. Billy showed them how to feed the alpacas, and Ellie-May demonstrated a few playful jumps, earning delighted applause from the crowd.

The highlight of the tour was the boho picnic setup with the llamas. The area was adorned with colorful rugs, cushions, and fairy lights hanging from the trees. The llamas lounged comfortably, enjoying the attention from the visitors.

Billy and Ellie-May led the way, inviting everyone to sit and relax. “This is a perfect spot for a picnic,” Billy said, lying down on a soft rug. “The llamas love it here, and so do we.”

As the sun began to set, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the visitors gathered for a final farewell. Billy and Ellie-May stood at the farm gates, waving their goodbyes.

“Thank you for coming!” Ellie-May called out. “We hope you had a wonderful time.”

Billy nodded, his eyes twinkling. “Come back soon! There’s always something new to see and do at Iris Lodge Alpacas.”

As the last family left, Billy and Ellie-May sat side by side, watching the sun dip below the horizon. “We did it, Ellie-May,” Billy said with a contented sigh. “Today was perfect.”

Ellie-May nuzzled him affectionately. “It was. And tomorrow, we’ll make even more wonderful memories.”

With the stars beginning to twinkle above, the friends headed back to their cozy barn, ready to dream about the next day’s adventures at Iris Lodge Alpacas.

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