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During the October Long Weekend

Unforgettable Experiences Await You

Join us during the October Long Weekend an array of accessible and engaging experiences that will immerse you in the wonders of our sanctuary. From Saturday to Monday of the September long weekend, we invite you to embark on memorable adventures that celebrate the spirit of the festival.

Breakfast with Alpacas: A Truly Special Start to Your Day

Indulge in the enchantment of our Breakfast with Alpacas experience, where nature's beauty meets delectable cuisine. For just $55 per person ages 3-12 and $60 per person ages 13+, this unforgettable journey begins at 8:30 each day. Delve into a captivating 1.5-hour farm visit, where you'll meet alpacas, llamas, sheep, and cows. The adventure culminates in a scrumptious breakfast that redefines your mornings. Booking in advance is crucial to secure your spot for this enchanting escapade.

Long Weekend Special Alpaca Meet & Greet: An Irresistible Encounter

For those seeking to get up close and personal with alpacas, our Long Weekend Special Alpaca Meet & Greet awaits. Priced at just $25 per person ages 3 and above, including 3 bowls of alpaca food, this experience runs from 11:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Embrace the flexibility of pre-booking or purchasing a ticket upon your arrival. Unveil the joy of connecting with our alpacas in a uniquely personalized setting.

Join Us in Celebrating Nature's Bounty:

We eagerly anticipate your arrival during the October Long Weekend.


Sean and Sharon, your hosts, extend a warm invitation to be part of our festivities and experience the heartwarming essence of Iris Lodge Alpacas.

Plan Your Visit Today:

Secure your spot for these captivating experiences by booking now. See you soon amidst the splendor of our sanctuary.

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